Learn the shooting and editing skills
to get your footage looking pro

and unleash the full potential of your Phantom

Have you ever rushed home to look at what you thought would be awesome footage, only to find it just wasn’t really as good as you hoped for?

Or maybe you can’t put your finger on why your editing doesn’t have that cinematic feel?

Well, DroneLookX is here to give you the insider knowledge that you need

Crisp, Smooth Shots

It isn’t luck that gets the perfect footage. Find out how to pilot your drone to get the full impact from the intelligent flight modes, along with how to optimise all those camera settings

Cinematic Editing Decisions

Get to grips with how & why pro editors make their decisions. This includes transition types, speed ramps, and how to get the colours to really pop.

Full Project Workflows

No part of the project is left unexamined. We’ll start with choosing what to pack, how to work efficiently on site, and then editing techniques that will save your hours per project.

All of this advice will be tailored to the Phantom 3 & 4 models, along with specific advice for the most popular editing suites.

So check out the blog for free lessons, or sign up to receive my favourite tutorials that will level up your drone skills