My Story

Hey, I’m Kristian, a former colour grader from Denmark who’s worked for the last 3  years as a drone videographer

When I started experimenting with drones it was all a matter of guesswork. My footage kept coming out all shaky, without the image quality I was hoping for.

It was only through learning from my contacts in the industry – along with a huge amount of trial and error – that I managed to get to grips with all the subtle skills and settings required to get cinematic quality footage. With this, I could then apply my colour grading and editing skills to become a sought-after aerial videographer in the advertising industry.

I then realised I was getting asked questions more and more often about how I was creating this footage.

So, I’m making this knowledge available to you all online. You can go ahead and check out the free advice on the blog, or for the full comprehensive training have a look at my online course.

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